Rio Helmi : Drawing In Brightness (Story From The Cans)

Painting with light is actually something old. Light, shadow, reflection shape our visual world, and more often we do not think further about it. Back in the old days, ancient nomads of the desert al­ready knew an interesting effect. The light rays in the desert are so harsh and they bounced through their dark tents. … Continue reading

“Cerita Dalam Kaleng” road to Ubud (27 Sept – 11 Oktober 2011)…

After held on  Art Cafe Seminyak in August 2011. Now Pinhole Photo Exhibition was held again in Ubud. This time there is a book (catalog) which will be launched as well. When the children take picture in their village using their cans. PINHOLE PHOTO EXHIBITION “CERITA DALAM KALENG” [STORY FROM THE CANS] Date: September 27 – October 11, 2011 Place: Bar Luna Ubud Jl. Gootama, Ubud – Bali OPENING: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 19:00 PM – completion Event: * Presentation & discussion … Continue reading